Edmond Fallot

An independent, family-owned company since 1840, The Fallot family enjoys a reputation around the world for the exceptional quality of their products, particularly their range of delectable home-made mustards.

The factory, "La Moutarderie Fallot," located in the town of Beaune near Dijon, has been outfitted with state-of-the-art production facilities. However, in order to retain the flavor and the quality that they are famous for, the company remains committed to their traditional manufacturing processes. The mustard seeds are still stone ground by expert artisan mustard makers. This traditional process preserves the pure flavor that is a hallmark of all Fallot mustard varieties.

Marc Dasarmanien, grandson of founder Edmond Fallot, heads this last independent mustard mill in the Burgundy region of France. He is proud to continue the uncompromising production of mustard by selecting and stone-grinding only the highest quality mustard seeds and artfully blending the ground seeds with the highest quality ingredients such as blackcurrants, green peppercorns, green tarragon and so much more! The result is a range of robust and tantalizingly tasty mustard varieties not available in any other Dijon-style mustard.

The tart, piquant taste of any mustard from the Edmond Fallot range adds depth of flavor to marinades, sauces and salad dressings and can be paired beautifully with fish, poultry and meats. It also adds a nice twist when added to traditional French vinaigrette.

In addition to mustards, Edmond Fallot also manufactures Burgundy Verjus, Vinegars, Relishes and Pickle, all produced using traditional methods.

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