Edmond Fallot Honey and Smoked Paprika Mustard 7oz

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The image showcases a jar of orange sauce, which seems to be a product of France. The sauce is a vibrant orange color, suggesting it might contain ingredients like honey and smoked paprika, as indicated by the label. The label is quite detailed and includes texts in French, indicating its place of origin and contents. The jar is a typical bottle-like shape, with a white lid, commonly used for preserves and condiments. The contents of the jar appear to be smooth and well-preserved, suggesting a high-quality product. It's likely used as a condiment or an additive in various recipes, adding a unique flavor profile to dishes. The jar is set against a white background, making the orange color of the sauce more prominent.

Edmond Fallot's Honey and Smoked Paprika Mustard: A Gourmet Sensation

Experience culinary excellence with Edmond Fallot Honey and Smoked Paprika Mustard. This remarkable mustard blends the fiery zest of mustard seeds, the sweet smokiness of Vera pepper, and the creamy richness of honey. Crafted with premium ingredients, it elevates your dishes with vibrant color and extraordinary flavor. Elevate your cuisine and delight your palate with this gourmet masterpiece from Edmond Fallot.


Water, mustard seeds (from Burgundy, France), spirit vinegar, honey (7.5%), salt, smoked paprika PDO (from Spain) (5%), sugar, antioxidant: potassium disulfite (0.1%), acidifier: citric acid, turmeric