Sapori Antichi

Founded by Marco Zanier in 1996, the family-run Sapori Antichi company has been creating delicious pastas that are enjoyed everywhere, from dinner tables in their hometown to the most exclusive restaurants around the world. Sapori Antichi produces the finest quality pastas, risottos, and polentas while staying true to the authentic Carnic traditions and cuisine. Natural and pure ingredients together with passion and highly skilled manual processes guarantee the best of Italian goodness in all of their products.

Several factors contribute to the delectable taste of the Sapori Antichi pasta. The company is situated close to the Adriatic Sea, in the town of Socchieve in the Carnic Alps. The choice of location provides the perfect combination of sun, water and elevation that all pasta makers look for but seldom get. The moderate temperature range allows luxuriant forests to thrive and provides optimum conditions for a wide range of irresistibly delicious local herbs, which gives traditional Carnic cuisine its distinguishing taste and flavor.

Only the highest quality durum wheat semolina is used in making their range of pastas and the coloring is natural and plant-based. The traditional manufacturing process is quality controlled and uses slow, low temperature drying for perfect results. The range of Sapori Antichi multicolored pastas provide the perfect base for colorful pasta salads that are sure to brighten up any table setting.

The exciting range of flavored risottos and polentas make it easy for even amateur cooks to produce gourmet-style Italian risottos that are perfect for any occasion and can be cooked up within minutes!

When you are looking for delicious, colorful, quick-cooking Italian dishes, you won’t find anything better than the range of pastas, risottos and polentas from Sapori Antichi.