Frutos Ayllon

Made in Spain and prepared to be served as Tapas, Frutos Ayllon uses the highest quality fruit and nuts to create their line of delicious dried fruit cakes. Their delicacies are specially prepared for those who enjoy the sweeter side of Tapas but would prefer a healthier version.

Available in assorted ingredient combinations, Frutos Ayllon Dried Fruit Cakes are known for their distinctively Mediterranean flavor. The flavors are big and bold but the fruit and nuts are ground finely so that the result cake is smooth and compact to look at and refined on the palate. The cakes are easy to slice into different shapes and dimensions, depending on how you are planning on serving it.

Slice the cake into wedges and serve it on its own. Chop it up into uneven pieces and add it to a bowl of fresh green salads. Serve hearty chunks of the cake along with a dollop of ice cream or frozen yoghurt.

We've saved the best for last! Add thick slices of Frutos Ayllon Dried Fruit Cakes to give your Tapas cheese platter a unique Spanish twist. The combination of the sweet cake and savory cheeses is a feast for the senses. The cake goes best with ewe's milk cheese such as Manchego or Idiazabal.

Frutos Ayllon Dried Fruit Cakes are available in delectable combinations of Fig & Almond, Date & Walnut, Apricot & Almond and Orange & Almond. With these cakes now available around the world, you can enjoy the Tapas experience right in your home.

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