Aux Anysetiers du Roy



Aux Anysetiers du Roy started off as a charming little restaurant located in the old Paris quarter, L'Ile Saint-Louis, near Notre-Dame. The restaurant specialized in Provencal cooking using olive oil and aromatic herbs. After dinner, each guest was offered a small gift: a crock containing the special Herbs de Provence blend prepared by Louis Lombard, the first to include lavender flowers in the aromatic herbs.

The tremendous success of the little crock gave the company the idea to produce and commercialize a unique line of specialty items packed in clay and stoneware pots. The company creates their own recipes and packs each jar by hand, ensuring the quality of each individual product.The contents of the jars could range from custom blends of aromatic herbs, spices, mustards, vinegars, olive oil and marinated olives to flavored sugars, honeys, teas, aromatic peppers and more.

Aux Anysetiers du Roy is the company credited with the concept of ready-to-eat melted chocolate, an idea that has become a tremendous hit with chocoholics around the world. The chocolate is packed into a stoneware tumbler and can be either heated in a microwave oven for 30 seconds on low or in a bain-marie for 15 to 20 minutes. The special stoneware jar keeps the Chocolate Fondue warm and melted for minimum 45 minutes so everyone can enjoy eating it leisurely. It can be eaten on its own or with an assortment of fresh fruit dipped into it for a delectable delight that is at once cold and warm, tart and sweet, firm and gooey. It's difficult to stop at just one. The chocolate that is left over in the jar can be put away and reheated several times until finished.