Bornibus Tarragon Mustard 8.82oz

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Bornibus Tarragon Mustard 8.82oz

Bornibus Tarragon Mustard's Data Sheet

Delight in the Sophisticated Harmony of Bornibus Tarragon Mustard: a Fusion of Heat, Elegance, and Flavor.

Bornibus Tarragon Mustard is an exquisite condiment that marries the fiery zest of mustard with the refined, aromatic flair of tarragon, creating a condiment that perfectly complements fish dishes with its unique and distinguished note.

Crafted with a curated selection of ingredients:

1. Pristine water for a pure, fluid base
2. Rich, pungent mustard seeds selected for their quality and flavor profile
3. A tang of vinegar to infuse a bright acidity
4. A pinch of salt, enhancing the natural flavors
5. Tarragon at 0.5%, carefully incorporated for its subtle, anise-like sweetness
6. Citric acid, a natural choice to maintain the mustard's vibrant freshness
7. Potassium metabisulfite as a guardian to preserve its pristine condition

Bornibus ensures a commitment to natural goodness and dietary considerations:

1. Proudly Non-GMO, honoring the natural integrity of ingredients
2. Completely Gluten-Free, suitable for those with gluten sensitivities or dietary restrictions
3. Free from Added Flavors, preserving the pure taste of our select ingredients
4. Lactose-Free, inclusive for those with lactose intolerance
5. Without Colorants, presenting the mustard in its naturally appealing color

Elevate your gourmet experiences with the delightful Bornibus Tarragon Mustard, where every dollop adds a burst of culinary excitement to your seafood creations.

Ingredients: Water, mustard seeds, spirit vinegar, salt, tarragon (0.5%), natural tarragon flavour, acidifier: citric acid, preservative: potassium disulphite.

Allergens: mustard, sulphites.