Leone Original Candy Polar Strong Flavor 1.5oz

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The image displays a box of "Leone Pastiglie," specifically the Balsamica, or balsamic, variety described as "Polar Relief Pastilles." The box has a regal purple color scheme with a darker purple top and a lighter purple as the primary background. The name "Leone" is prominently shown in a yellow-gold hue at the top with the established year "dal 1857," which speaks to the brand's historic roots. "Pastiglie" is scripted across the middle of the box in white, creating a striking contrast against the purple background.

A white label outlined with a decorative border is centered on the lower portion of the box, with the word "Balsamica" in a bold serif font, indicating the pastilles' flavor. The description "Polar Relief Pastilles" is situated just beneath, in a smaller font, suggesting these candies may provide a cooling sensation or are menthol-flavored. "Product of Italy" is clearly stated, emphasizing the candies' origin. The weight is listed as 27g / 0.95oz on the bottom of the label. The design of the box suggests a sense of luxury and tradition, characteristic of Italian confectionery craftsmanship.

Pastiglie Leone's Candy Originals are the Company's oldest and most distinctive confectionery product. These small delights are the result of a careful choice of essences, extracts and herbs to enhance the fragrance and scent of the various different flavors. Their pleasant pastel shades (made from natural ingredients) make this product alluring to the eye as well as to the palate.

Ingredients: Sugar, thickening agent gum arabic, tragacanth, liquorice juice, eucalyptus, menthol.