Hand-Poured Candles

Celebrate the art of French living with Maison Tchin Tchin's 'Hand-Poured Candles,' a fusion of enology and perfumery that ignites audacity, sharing, and conviviality in every flame. Born from a moment of inspiration by Guillaume, a sommelier with a passion for the aromatic complexity of France's vineyards, these candles are a homage to the intricate dance of wine aromas and masterful perfumery. Crafted from repurposed wine bottles in our eco-designed atelier, each candle embodies the essence of celebrated French grapes, transformed into ambient fragrances that tell a story of tradition, innovation, and the joy of gathering. From intimate dinners to festive reunions, Maison Tchin Tchin invites you to toast to life's moments with candles that elevate the senses and adorn your space with exceptional eco-design. Embrace the boldness of living beautifully with a candle that's not just a gift, but an experience of French artistry and the pleasure of being together.