Mustards: From Classic to Contemporary

Embrace the world of gourmet mustards at The French Farm, where the revered Edmond Fallot, the robust Bornibus, and the legendary Pommery stand as pillars of flavor. Our collection is a tapestry of tastes, textures, and traditions, offering something special for every palate and plate.

Edmond Fallot, a beacon of Burgundian excellence, brings to the table a heritage of artisanal crafting, perfect for enhancing meats or adding depth to dressings. Bornibus, hailing from the heart of France, offers a burst of flavors that challenge the conventional, making it an ideal companion for innovative dishes. Pommery, with its historic roots and distinctive stone jars, delivers mustards that speak of legacy and boldness, suited for those who appreciate a classic touch with a twist.

Whether you're marinating a tender brisket, dressing a vibrant salad, or spreading over a gourmet sandwich, our mustards transform simple ingredients into memorable meals. Explore our range and find your perfect blend of spice, sweetness, and tang.

Dive into the richness of our mustard collection – because every bite deserves a hint of excitement and a dash of tradition.

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