Linoroom Pheasant and Partridge (set of 2)

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17 x 44 inches
Linoroom Pheasant and Partridge (set of 2)

These gorgeous linen dishtowels with wild Pheasant & Partridge designs will please true lovers of a country lifestyle. They will look stunning in a rustic country cottage, farmhouse or even mountain chalet kitchen. This is a nice gift if you are invited for a weekend in the countryside!

A GOOD TIP: if you want your wine glasses to look crystal clean, dry them with a linen kitchen towel, and they will shine! Linen is the best choice for kitchen use. This 100% plan based material has a natural ability to prevent bacterial growth even in humidity, therefore it is perfect for kitchen towels that have constant contact with water.

Size: 42×60 cm / 17×44" - Set of 2 towels