Linoroom Pomegranate & Walnuts (set of 2)

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17 x 44 inches
Linoroom Pomegranate & Walnuts (set of 2)

Lovely linen Nuts & Pomegranate kitchen towels will brighten up your kitchen! Botanical prints will add color and pattern. These everyday use towels are made from natural linen, the fabric that is very absorbent leaves no lint and is naturally hygienic.

A GOOD TIP: if you want your wine glasses to look crystal clean, dry them with a linen kitchen towel, and they will shine! Linen is the best choice for kitchen use. This 100% plan based material has a natural ability to prevent bacterial growth even in humidity, therefore it is perfect for kitchen towels that have constant contact with water.

Size: 42×60 cm / 17×44" - Set of 2 towels