LeBlanc Xeres Sherry 12 year Vinegar 16oz

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The image features a bottle of LeBlanc Sherry Vinegar. The bottle is transparent with a tall and slender shape, showing the rich, amber-colored vinegar inside. It has a label in a classic design, featuring both English and French text, indicating its gourmet quality. The label is adorned with an illustration of grapes, hinting at its origins, and it includes a mention of its aging process, suggesting a product of superior quality and taste. The overall aesthetic of the bottle is elegant and suggests that the vinegar is ideal for refined culinary uses.

Elevate your culinary creations with the exquisite LeBlanc Sherry Vinegar, a gourmet delight crafted through time-honored techniques. Aged to perfection in oak barrels for 12 sumptuous years, this vinegar boasts an unparalleled smoothness and a rich, intricate flavor profile that can transform any dish. Whether it's whisked into an elegant vinaigrette, used to enhance the depth of marinades and sauces, or drizzled over fresh tomatoes and gazpacho for a touch of sophistication, this sherry vinegar is your secret ingredient to memorable meals.

In Iguerande, France, since 1878, Huilerie LeBlanc has been producing high-quality, made-to-order nut and fruit oils, adhering to ancient Burgundian traditions. Over 120 years, the LeBlancs have ensured their oils are unmatched in freshness and flavor, cementing their status as essentials for culinary enthusiasts.

Ingredients: Sherry Vinegar. Contains Sulfites. Vinaigre de Jerez, Protected Designation of Origin.