Giuseppe Giusti 1 Silver Medal - Anforina Collection - Balsamic Vinegar de Modena 8.4oz

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Giuseppe Giusti 1 Silver Medal - Anforina Collection - Balsamic Vinegar de Modena 8.4oz

Elevate Your Culinary Collection with Giusti's Silver Medal Anforina

Explore the Anforina Collection, a nod to the ancient tradition of gifting Balsamic Vinegar in elegant glass ampoules, a cherished practice among local families. This collection showcases the exceptional 1 Silver Medal quality. Each amphora is meticulously hand-finished, sealed with raw rope and red wax, and nestled inside a special box. Perfect for gifting or enhancing your culinary repertoire with the exquisite flavor of Giusti's Silver Medal Balsamic Vinegar.


1 Silver Medal

Indulge in the exquisite 1 Silver Medal, a testament to Giusti's balsamic artistry. This aromatic treasure is characterized by a rich perfume and a harmoniously rounded acidity, elevating the flavors of any dish it graces. Whether used fresh or heated in culinary preparations, its intensity enhances every culinary creation.

Crafted from aged wine vinegar and must of cooked grapes, this Silver Medal embodies the essence of quality.

Aged to perfection in French oak barrels from the 1900s, infused with aged balsamic vinegar extracted from centuries-old casks, this balsamic vinegar is a true masterpiece.

Tasting Notes:
Experience its fresh and light profile, complemented by a distinct and balanced balsamic acidity that adds depth and complexity to your dishes.

Serving Suggestions:
Giusti's Silver Medal Balsamic Vinegar is the perfect companion for salads, raw vegetables, vinaigrettes, marinating, and culinary creations. Elevate your cuisine with the exquisite flavors of this exceptional condiment.