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Distilleries Peureux

Small cherries macerated in Kirsch and Liqueur, Griottines® bring a glamorous touch to the world of spirits. This little red pearl, by its taste, crunchiness and colour, gives sparkle to all your recipes... ! In cocktails as in gastronomy, the Morello cherry intoxicates you with its flavours and colours. They can be enjoyed plain, in a glass of Champagne, with Comté cheese... Everything is possible with Griottines®. A high-end delicatessen product, Griottines® is the perfect gift, in a bottle, jar or box.


Born in 1864, located in Fougerolles, in Franche-Comté...

Its Eaux-de-Vie de fruits La Cigogne, its Vieille Prune Pascall, its Kirsch de Fougerolles A.O.C. ...But also its range of aperitifs with Griottini®, the absinthe Un Peureux®, its Guignolet Kirsch... and its very famous Griottines®, acclaimed all over the world for their incomparable crunchiness and flavor, and available in Blackcurrant® and Raspberry® versions!