Distilleries Peureux

Small cherries macerated in Kirsch and Liqueur, Griottines® bring a glamorous touch to the world of spirits. This little red pearl, by its taste, crunchiness and colour, gives sparkle to all your recipes! In cocktails as in gastronomy, the Morello cherry intoxicates you with its flavours and colours. They can be enjoyed plain, in a glass of Champagne, with Comté cheese... Everything is possible with Griottines®. A high-end delicatessen product, Griottines® is the perfect gift, in a bottle, jar or box.

Born in 1864, located in Fougerolles, in Franche-Comté, Grandes Distilleries Peureux is renowned for its Eaux-de-Vie de fruits La Cigogne, its Vieille Prune Pascall, its Kirsch de Fougerolles A.O.C., its range of aperitifs with Griottini®, the absinthe Un Peureux®, its Guignolet Kirsch, and its very famous Griottines®, acclaimed all over the world for their incomparable crunchiness and flavor, and available in Blackcurrant® and Raspberry® versions!

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