Coucke French Flag Tea Towel White (95% linen and 5% cotton)

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19.6 x 30 inches
95% linen and 5% cotton
Coucke French Flag Tea Towel White (95% linen and 5% cotton)

Introducing the Tricolore Tea Towel. This linen tea towel is available in two colors: white and natural, offering a touch of French elegance to your kitchen. Made in France, it combines responsibility, eco-consciousness, and exceptional performance.

Tricolore, our beloved tea towel at Coucke, embodies the spirit of France with its beautiful blue, white, and red stripe. This subtle nod to the collars worn by the finest chefs in the country adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. Choose between the white and natural versions of this tea towel to complement your style.

Measuring 50x75 cm, this tea towel is the perfect size for everyday use. Crafted from 95% linen and 5% cotton, it offers a harmonious blend of softness and durability. It's easy to care for: simply machine wash it at 60°C for convenient cleaning.

Embrace the artistry of French craftsmanship with the Tricolore Tea Towel. Whether for your own kitchen or as a thoughtful gift, it showcases the essence of France "responsibility, elegance, and practicality" all in one exquisite tea towel.