Safrante is recognized worldwide for manufacturing the finest Spanish saffron threads and filaments. Safrante embodies the hard work of the family: ‘los Garcia,’ whose only idea and desire is innovation while remaining faithful to its principles of quality.

Located in Málaga, Spain, Safrante produces some of the highest quality saffron in the world. The company manufactures saffron powder, saffron threads, and Safrante, which is their flagship extract. Their premier saffron products are the result of years spent doing extensive research on saffron. The research paid off with the development of a 100% natural extract with no additives. The extract conserves all the goodness saffron, from its unequalled aroma and bright color, to of course, its unbeatable flavor.

Safrante Saffron in Glass Jar contains whole threads of Spanish saffron. These threads have a strong aroma and a sharp, bittersweet taste. A little bit is enough to infuse your dish with the exquisite flavor and aroma of pure saffron. Soaking the threads in stock or wine instead of water will give any dish a unique twist.

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