Established in 1897 in a small hamlet in Southwestern France, La Maison Pébeyre is the oldest family-run truffle house. Family owned and operated for four generations, Pébeyre has earned an international reputation for exceptional quality and sets the benchmark for quality amongst all truffle connoisseurs.

The company ‘sniffers’ hunt down the finest truffle varieties which are then picked, sorted and brushed to remove any residual soil before being shipped all over the world.

The company’s products range from canned truffles and truffle oil, to truffle salt, honey, and mayonnaise. Here’s a sneak peek at each of these irresistible delicacies:

Pébeyre Truffle Honey contains delicate truffle peelings floating atop delicious golden honey. Truffle honey is versatile and the perfect choice for someone who likes that delicious blend of earthiness and fragrant sweetness. It’s the perfect accompaniment to any cheese or dessert platter and is also excellent as crepe dressing or as a meat glaze.

Pébeyre Truffle Mayonnaise contains a generous amount of truffles mixed into a delicious mayonnaise for a taste that is truly one of a kind. Enjoy it spread on a sandwich or burger, or mix into an egg or chicken salad for an elegant treat. It makes a lip-smacking accompaniment for all of your backyard grilling parties.

Pébeyre White Truffle Oil instantly lifts the flavor of any dish it is added to. Drizzle it over cooked risotto, pasta, eggs or a raw salad, as the oil loses its flavor when cooked. It is essentially a finishing oil to be used only after the cooking is completed.

Pébeyre Black Truffle Oil has a stronger flavor and taste than the White Oil and is best paired with meats, sauces, or casseroles. You can also drizzle this oil over pasta and risotto dishes, or add it to mashed or roasted potatoes. This is also a finishing oil to be used only after the cooking is completed.