La Trinitaine


La Trinitaine has been producing traditional French butter galletes for three generations. The La Trinitaine story began in the little village of La Trinitaine in 1953, when pastry-maker Lucien Petit baked his first batch of thin-rolled, pure butter biscuits, each one created in the shape of a cigarette. The biscuits were an overnight success and within 2 years the La Trinitaine brand was established. By 1965, Lucien was manufacturing almost 600 kg of biscuits per day. The biscuits were all made by hand at every stage.

In 1972, Bernard Petit took over the company from his father and set up the La Trinitaine factory in Saint Philibert. His hard work and major accomplishments were recognized and he was awarded the Laurier d'Or of quality and tradition in 1986.

La Trinitaine has come an even longer way since then, with the third generation taking over in 2010 and expanding not only the company's product line but also its geographical reach. The company celebrated 60 years in 2015.

La Trinitaine is an iconic Breton heritage brand. The Bretons are known for their strong devotion to tradition, quality, and savoir faire, and La Trinitaine epitomizes all of these values, using only the finest ingredients in their biscuits. Today, the company produces over 11,500 tons of biscuits a year, which are marketed all over the globe. These biscuits are packed in charming, colorful, reusable tins that are sure to add a French touch to your decor even after you have relished all of the contents.

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