A French shortbread, like no other: made with fresh eggs, a lot of butter, sugar, salt, and wheat flour, Goulibeur holds to the traditional recipe passed down through the family. Using only simple, natural ingredients without any preservatives or added color, this shortbread remains faithful to its regional gastronomic heritage.

The Broyé du Poitou was traditionally baked to celebrate all the farm events - the harvest, the big cleanup, the weddings, and family holidays. This large, delightfully crisp shortbread would be struck in the center, breaking it into all different sized pieces for everyone to share.

Goulibeur uses only the finest ingredients to prepare all their recipes, from the large Broye du Poitou down to the Mini Sablés - wheat harvested locally, butter made from the milk of Breton cows, fresh eggs from free-roaming hens, even the sugar is refined in the northern plains and the salt harvested on the Ile de Ré.