Filet Bleu

The "Filet Bleu" brand was established in 1919. From humble beginnings where the biscuits were manufactured in Breton thatched cottages, the brand is today a name to reckon with. Their products grace gourmet tables in the finest restaurants in Paris and around the world.

Henri and Marie Friant started this traditional biscuit factory in Pont L'Abbe in the Brittany region of France. In order to keep with his sailor roots, Henri named the company Biscuiterie de Filet Bleu, after the blue fishing nets used by the Breton sailors. The company continued to grow over the years, and eventually moved to Quimper where it in 1950 it became the first industrialized biscuit factory in the Brittany region.

Today the company boards 6 automated production lines that have the capacity to manufacture more than 12,000 tonnes of dry or chocolate biscuits annually. The factory is equipped with advanced technology that makes it possible to achieve high levels of performance and efficiency. However, at Filet Bleu, technology does not replace the brand's traditional techniques and recipes.

The Skilled pastry chefs at the factory are committed to working daily on developing new, exotic gourmet cookie recipes to meet expectations of existing and future consumers. The rigorous selection of ingredients ensures that all products are in compliance with strict quality criteria.

From Traditional Shortbread with Butter to Shortbread Cookies with Salted Butter Caramel, every bit of a Filet Blue cookie is like a gourmet adventure! Other delicious varieties include Apple Shortbread Cookies with Butter, Lemon & Almond Cookies and Coconut Cookies. With every bite melting in your mouth, it's hard to stop at just one.