Bourgogne Escargots

Located in the charming city of Dijon, Burgundy—France’s most renowned culinary region—Bourgogne Escargots has been providing the highest quality fresh and prepared escargots to consumers for over 40 years. The company has built their reputation on delivering uncompromising quality through the years. Their pursuit of perfection is evident at every step of the process, from the selection of the finest quality escargots and complete control over the food processing to extensive employee training and the endless quest for innovative ways to serve their products. All processing occurs at their facility in Dijon under the supervision of highly trained professionals who exercise control at every step to ensure consistency and excellence in the finished product. Their flagship escargots are simply cooked in vegetable stock with salt, pepper, and natural flavors. They are then sterilized, ensuring that you can use them in any type of prepared dish and still taste the original freshness and unique Burgundy escargot flavor. Bourgogne Escargots make a wonderful addition to any Holiday gourmet gift basket. It makes an impressive addition to your Christmas dinner setting and is also the perfect choice if you are looking for a unique hostess gift.

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