Bonbons Barnier

Since its launch in 1885, Bonbons Barnier has been producing high-quality candy and sugar confections the traditional French way. Located in Rouen, the capital of Normandy, this family-run business has cherished and passed on its ancestral know-how and secrets of making confectionery from one generation to the next. Whether you like caramel or fruit candies, you will find all the sweetness of yesteryear in these bonbons - the French word for candies.

No matter what the occasion or what your personal preference, you are sure to find something you love from the Bonbons Barnier range.

Those who love fruit and candy equally will relish the intensely flavored mini candies that are filled with pure fruit pulp flavors of black current, raspberry, grape, lemon and orange. The sudden pop of fruit flavor as you suck the candy is a heady sensation.

The salted caramel lollipops have been a huge favorite since they were first introduced so many years ago. As you suck on the lollipop, the salted caramel flavor leaves your taste buds totally satisfied and wanting more of the same.

All Bonbons Barnier candies and lollipops are individually wrapped and packed in assorted tins and fancy packaging, making them the perfect addition to any festive gift basket. These bonbons will add a pop of color to your table setting, whether you leave them in the original package or you place the individual candies in a colorful bowl.