Biscottificio Belli


Biscottificio Belli is a family business that started out as a small pastry shop in Tuscany way back in 1958. The company was launched by Enzo Belli who wanted to share his knowledge of traditional Tuscan baking that he learned from his grandfather and "master baker" Aristide. Enzo Bellia's wife and children also followed him into the family business.

The small shop trading desserts and pastry specialties was a huge success and grew into the company that we know today as Biscottifico Belli. Although the company has continuously expanded their production, some things remain the same. All of their bakery items are produced using the best raw ingredients and following traditional recipes passed down through the years. Today, the company's reputation has spread beyond the borders of Tuscany and Italy, and their products are relished all over the world.

The Chocolate Biscotti and Almond Biscotti are two of the most popular Italian cookies manufactured by Biscottifico Belli. These chocolate and almond flavored Italian cookies are meant to be dunked into your favorite creamy coffee or tea, or crumbled into any desert. The rich taste of the pure ingredients ensures that these crunchy cookies will delight even the most-difficult-to-please critics.

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