Al Andalus Delicatessen

Al Andalus Delicatessen was launched in 2002 with the idea of restoring and showcasing the traditional products of the area, La Alpujarra. Over the years, the company has grown and specialized in the gourmet delicatessen sector, while steadfastly respecting the customs and traditions of Alpujarras.

Located just south of Grenada, Spain, Al Andalus Delicatessen is a company proud of its family tradition. The philosophy of the company is to look to the future without forgetting the past. This they have managed to do beautifully by continuing to use traditional recipes and techniques that have been handed down through the generations, but adapting them to the times.

All of the items produced and disturbed by the company are 100% natural and are easily distinguishable by their Artisanal quality. Every stage in the process, from the gathering of raw material to the production and packaging, is done completely manually. Each variety in the Al Andalus Delicatessen honey range is made through a careful selection process, only selecting the highest quality and freshest ingredients available.

The Mountain Honey Crock is one of their more popular products. The beautiful rustic earthen crock is filled with delightful wildflower honey. Sealed with bee's wax, this honey is all natural and is truly delectable. The perfect raw honey to drizzle into your favorite tea, or over a variety of cheeses, this honey will delight even the trickiest taste buds.

The crock is handmade and hand painted and works great as a counter decoration or as a gift for any occasion. Pair this honey crock with a honey spoon or a tea towel for a ready to go gift that everyone will love.

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