Nut Oils

Jean LeBlanc nut oils are revered for their traditional production process and distinct flavor profiles. Each batch of oil starts with the finest selection of whole nuts, sourced from farms with which the LeBlanc family has partnered for generations. In their Burgundian factory, these nuts are meticulously ground into a paste using a granite mill—something that preserves the rich flavor. This paste is then roasted and allowed to settle, culminating in an oil that captures the true essence of the nut.

These oils are celebrated as "seasoning oils," ideal for finishing dishes rather than cooking due to their low smoke point. They're often paired with quality vinegars to create dressings that are three parts oil to one part vinegar, enhancing salads with their robust flavors. Notably, their walnut oil is known for its durability, intense flavor, and versatility in pairing with seafood. On the other hand, their hazelnut oil is acclaimed for its creamy texture and delicate taste that excels with green vegetables and offers a dairy-free alternative for mashed potatoes.

The tradition behind these oils is what truly sets them apart, bringing a layer of depth and flavor to dishes that is deeply rooted in French culinary heritage.

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