Leone Original Candy Anise Flavor 1.5oz

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This image features a box of "Leone Pastiglie" with pure anise pastilles. The color scheme of the packaging is a pastel blue with light yellow accents, creating a fresh and appealing look. The "Leone" brand name is at the top in a decorative script, with the establishment date "dal 1857" beneath it. The term "Pastiglie" is styled elegantly across the middle of the box. A central white label reads "Anice," indicating the anise flavor, and "Pure Anise Pastilles" is specified below. The label is adorned with an anise star on each side, emphasizing the flavor. "Product of Italy" is proudly declared at the bottom of the label, and the net weight is given as 27g / 0.95oz. The design of the packaging suggests a traditional and possibly artisanal product.

Pastiglie Leone's Candy Originals are the Company's oldest and most distinctive confectionery product. These small delights are the result of a careful choice of essences, extracts and herbs to enhance the fragrance and scent of the various different flavors. Their pleasant pastel shades (made from natural ingredients) make this product alluring to the eye as well as to the palate.

Ingredients: Sugar, Arabic gum, tragacanth, essential oil of anise, and natural flavors.