Jean Dubost 3 Piece Breakfast Set Mariniere

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13.5 x 3.75 x 0.5 inches
Jean Dubost 3 Piece Breakfast Set Mariniere

Enjoy your breakfast in style with this 3 piece breakfast set. Scoop all the way into the bottom of your favorite jam jar, mess free, thanks to the length of this jam spoon. Easily slice fresh bread, and spread all of your favorite spreads! Your breakfast guests will compliment the color, while you serve breakfast with ease.

This set has 1 long jam spoon, 1 bread knife, and 1 spreader.

Please hand-wash and dry this set.

Slice your favorite fresh breakfast bread with the bread knife, then scoop out your favorite jam mess free with the long jam spoon, and finally spread your favorite jam and butter onto the bread with the spreader. Breakfast is served!

Don't know which jam to use? We have a few suggestions here.