Torchons & Bouchons

Bring a touch of the French wine country into your kitchen with an exotic collection of graphic towels from Torchons & Bouchons, a company that specializes in reproducing famous wine labels and recipes on to 100% cotton tea towels. The idea is a stroke of genius! The company licenses famous French wine labels and then reproduces them on kitchen, bar and tea towels and aprons. They also print charming French terroirs motifs (local recipes, cheese and wine maps) and whimsical items that can be used as decorative or functional kitchen items.

Torchons & Bouchons has been designing and manufacturing high quality kitchen linen inspired by their French heritage for over a decade. Made in France and printed with eco-friendly, fade resistant, water-based ink on 100% cotton, their selection ranges from traditional vintage wine labels to contemporary trendy designs. The brand aims to highlight the France’s rich historical heritage, from its fine wines to its regional specialties.

The company’s commitment to the environment remains resolute. Torchons et Bouchons is one of the few manufacturers that uses only water based inks and non-toxic vegetable dyes that do not contain any solvent or phthalate. This ecological process keeps the cotton fiber feeling natural and also ensures very high resistance to color fading from sunlight and washing. Measuring a generous 48 cm x 72 cm and produced in France, these tea towels will brighten any kitchen and make kitchen cleanup a breeze with their super-absorbency.

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