Located in the heart of Alsace, France, Baumalu has been producing high-quality copper cookware since 1971. The company produces not only fine copper cookware but also other cooking utensils for expert and amateur chefs.

Expert chefs have known for a long time that by using copper cookware, any meal can be perfectly and gently prepared. They are the best pots and pans for cooking and roasting. This is mostly because copper has excellent material properties and is a perfect heat conductor. The heat will evenly be spread over the cookware and dispensed accurately. Professionals and ambitious amateur cooks all over the world know what this quality is worth and Baumalu is one of the few that are still making reliable quality copper cookware.

When used on gas cookers, the advantages of copper cookware are fully noticeable since it warms up quickly and allows you to regulate the heat precisely. Whether you would like to steam vegetables, make jam, or cook fine fish, Baumalu's copper cookware will meet all your cooking requirements.

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