French Farm Collection Antipasto Piemontaise 9.88oz

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French Farm Collection Antipasto Piemontaise 9.88oz

The traditional recipe of this Piedmontese hors d’oeuvre arises from the habit of conserving vegetables at the end of summer for the winter period. Well known as granny’s hors d’oeuvre, this recipe is one of those preserves which cannot miss in our pantries in order to keep all the goodness of vegetables in a delicious dish you can enjoy throughout the year. The pulp of tomato is added to the vegetables freshly picked, washed and cubed, respecting the cooking order. Tuna and boletus mushrooms create a pure symphony combining with vegetables. This product is highly required for its low calorific value, without losing its delicious taste which allows to consume vegetables throughout the year and to only in summer months. A delicious starter to be tasted as it is, even though a hard-boiled egg and some anchovies could enrich its savors. It's so good on a toasted bread or on a pasta dish as a rich seasoning.

Ingredients: Vegetables in varying proportions ( peppers, onions, celery, carrots, peas, cauliflower, courgettes, spring onions, green beans ), tomato, olive oil, tuna fish, wine vinegar, boletus mushrooms ( boletus edulis and rel. Group ), sat. Contains fish.