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Traou Mad Pont Aven

Traou Mad means "good things" in Breton. Once you've tasted these delicious cookies, you'll know why they chose this company name back in the 1920's and why it is still appropriate so many years later! Traou Mad Pont Aven is a high quality Breton biscuit brand located in Pont-Aven, a charming little town made famous by celebrated painters such as Paul Gauguin.

Today there are two manufacturing sites, both situated in Pont Aven. One site is dedicated to manufacturing the renowned "Breton biscuits" including Traou Mad, galettes and plain Crêpes dentelle. The second site is set up to manufacture a wide assortment of salted and sweet crêpes dentelles. At both sites, the world-famous thick Traou Mad biscuits and the thin, delicate Gallette de Pont-Aven butter biscuits are prepared using traditional techniques but in modern facilities.

Made using only the freshest and finest flour, eggs, and sugar and without added preservatives or chemicals, Traou Mad cookies are a delicious treat to share with children and adults alike. Housed in beautiful, vintage tins decorated with paintings of Breton village life by Gauguin, the cookies are a perfect gift for others or as a treat to enjoy at home. They are delicious with a hot cup of tea or coffee and also with ice creams or a fruit salad.

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