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Situated on the panoramic coast of the Bay of Biscay, Serrats is known worldwide for its exquisite range of tuna preserves.

Serrats was founded in 1890 in Bermeo, Spain, by José Serrats who wished to preserve, transport and share the delicious flavors of the Bay of Biscay with tuna-lovers all over the world. The company stays true to this mission till today using a combination of the best raw materials, an artisanal process and modern technology.

It all starts with the raw material. Serrats uses only the freshest White Tuna (Albacore) and Anchovies that are thoroughly inspected and carefully selected. All fish is of the highest quality, always caught at their peak using only traditional fishing techniques.

The raw material is preserved using strictly artisanal processes. The artisanal processes have remained unchanged over the years although they have been learned, honed and perfected over the course of 5 generations. The quality of the product is maintained by using the highest quality oil and packaging that guarantees preserves of exceptional flavor, taste and texture. No additives or chemical preserves are used at any stage of the process.

Over the years, the company has introduced innovative technologies to improve their selection, preparation and preservation techniques, ensuring that all products reach their clients anywhere in the world in peak condition.

The flagship product of the company is Serrats Bonito del Norte White Tuna in Olive Oil. Line caught in the Gulf of Biscay, the Bonito del Norte White Tuna is a prized species of tuna that is defined by its white meat, smooth and tender texture and rich but not fishy flavor. Steeped in olive oil, the aroma and refined taste of this Serrats Bonito Tuna in Olive Oil will leave your mouth watering and wanting more. When you are looking for healthy food that tastes delicious too, you won’t find a better alternative.

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