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Savon LeBlanc

Established in 1994, LeBlanc embodies the artistic skills and craftsmanship of its location. The company’s manufacturing unit is situated in close proximity to the gardens of Giverny and the house of the painter Claude Monet.

Le Blanc's manufactures a range of exotic soaps. All soaps are handmade in Provence by skilled craftsmen who undergo extensive training in the art and craft of making soaps that meet the company’s high quality standards.

All Le Blanc soaps are composed of 100 % vegetable oil and enriched with shea butter, which imparts a silky smooth softness to the skin. The soaps are infused with delicate floral fragrances that are selected from Grasse, France's famous capital of perfume. Le Blanc's manufacturing process ensures that the distinctive scents are long-lasting to the very end.

Whether you are looking for a luxurious soap with a fresh, fruity or floral scent, you are sure to find something in the Le Blanc range. The soaps are packed in equally exotic metal tins that are illustrated to reflect the type of soap that lies nestled inside.

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