Jean Vier Arnaga Tea Towel with Espelette Chili Design

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23 x 35 inches
Jean Vier Arnaga Tea Towel with Espelette Chili Design
Increase the heat in your kitchen with this tea towel. This style features bright red Espelette chili peppers on a purple background with hot pink stripes across the top and bottom. The towel is made from 100% cotton and is machine washable, for easy cleaning.

The spirit of the Basque people is most evident in the vibrant colors and patterns woven into their linen. For the past thirty years, Jean Vier has created fabrics based on these patterns from pure natural cotton and flax. The resulting linen is elegant, hard-wearing and the highest of quality. Delightful to the touch and beautiful to behold, Jean Vier linen is a perfect addition to any kitchen or dinner table.

Clean up spills or simply dry your hands, this tea towel has endless uses. This towel is machine washable.