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Moroccan Olive Grove Bright & Fruity Olive Oil 16.9oz

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Moroccan Olive Grove Bright & Fruity Olive Oil 16.9oz

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Moroccan Olive Grove's heritage bright extra virgin olive oil hails from a single origin farm in the north of Morocco. An homage to the peaceful Rif mountain village Chefchaouen. An aquatic looking paradise with homes painted the color of the sky, known as Morocco’s blue pearl. Current crop and cold pressed within hours of harvest. Ripe fruit with bright hints of apples and almonds rounded out with a touch of spice.

Taste Profile: A bright and fruity body along with notes of fresh grass, and thyme a long lasting peppery finish in the throat, reminds us of the packed polyphenols level in this oil.
Marries well with: Bitter greens, salads, vegetables, braised meats and pasta dishes
Press: Pressed within hours of harvest in the farm's mill.
Extraction Mode: Cold extraction 0.2% acidity level when bottled
Storage: stored in state of the art stainless steel cisterns prior to bottling

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil.

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