Jean Vier

The spirit of the Basque people is most evident in the vibrant colors and patterns woven into their linen. For the past thirty years, Jean Vier has been creating French linens that represent the very spirit of Basque tradition. Their fabrics are 100% pure natural cotton and flax and woven with a Jacquard weave, so the vibrant patterns are woven into the fabric instead of printed.

At Jean Vier, quality control remains stringent during every stage of production, from the choice of the fibers to the finishing touches. Fine, long, 100% natural fibers are imported from select countries and combed using a special technique that removes up to 20 % of any impurities while preserving the best fibers. The resulting linen is elegant, hard-wearing and of the highest quality. It is also easy to use and maintain, thanks to the exclusive water and stain resistant treatment.

Jean Vier manufactures a wide range of everyday household items from tea towels and table cloths to bread baskets and aprons. Each collection is woven with a distinctive design and named after either Basque villages or towns or traditional Basque pastimes.

All of their items are available in a wide range of colors and styles to enhance your any decor style. Whether you are looking to heat things up with vibrant colored table cloths and tea towels or you want to cool things down with neutral colored linens, you are sure to find something to suit your style from the Jean Vier collection.

The brand has recently added elegantly designed water jugs, oil cruets and earthenware dishes to their collection. Sleek, chic, and beautiful to look at while being fully functional, these items add a delightful touch to your table setting at any occasion.