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Located in the South-West of France, Favols has been a traditional jam maker for more than 40 years. Their products are rigorously selected from the plantation to the transformation, resulting in a range of outstanding jams, confits, and chutneys.
Through the years, Favols has stayed committed to authenticity and traditional savoir-faire, always working with the purest products to ensure the best results. This unwavering dedication to perfection has won the company several awards over the years.
In 1982 the brand's strawberry jam was named the World's Best Jam at the Fancy Food Show in New York. That was the first of a long list of awards. This was followed by the Quality and Tradition Laurier d'Or, which was awarded to the entire product range. Later the Rose Petal Preserve went on to be named "Best French Specialty" at the Great Taste Awards hosted in 2005 by Find Food Magazine. Numerous awards followed almost every year after that.
Favols has expanded their original line and has a wide range of products that promise to transform your dining experience.
Jam-lovers will enjoy the brand's premium range of Flower Jelly preserves made from carefully selected petals and whole flowers, cane sugar and assorted flavors. Some of the more unusual jam varieties include strawberry and Sechuan, apple with walnut, blueberry with mixed five peppers, apricot with lavender and more.
The Les Fruitessencesca line contains an assorted variety of delectable, 100% fruit preserves. These preserves are vacuum cooked so the flavor and color remains unchanged.
From their flavorful Fruit Desserts and Pastry-Inspired Jams to their delicious Chocolates and Candied Pruneau Delicacies, all Favols products are made from carefully selected, all-natural ingredients.
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